Easy Iced Cold Brew Coffee

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I put off writing this particular post, because I wanted the weather to be warmer. Who actually wants to drink iced coffee in the winter, I mean other than Craig and I? We have become Easy Iced Cold Brew Coffee aficionados. In fact, we make it 8 quarts at a time and store it in a BIG container, in a place of honor, front and center in the fridge.

Why drive to pay more for iced coffee when you can make Easy Iced Cold Brew Coffee at home?

When we lived in town, I would typically just swing by by the local coffee shop drive-thru for my iced coffee while I was out running errands or on my way to work the night shift in the ER. We now live 20 minutes from the closest local drive thru, so we needed to solve this issue and it was an issue! I started investigating recipes for Easy Iced Cold Brew Coffee. It certainly didn’t sound complicated….water….coffee and nothing else, GOT TI!

I consider Easy Iced Cold Brew Coffee the cold version of French press coffee with that same intensity. Cold brew can be weak (why people, why?) or strong depending on the strength of your coffee beans and how long you let it steep. If you tend to get an upset stomach from espresso or drip coffee, you will find that Easy Iced Cold Brew Coffee has 1/2 the acidity of hot coffee. When you make coffee with cold water, it’s also less bitter than making it with hot water and it keeps for up to 2 weeks.

Making Easy Iced Cold Brew Coffee is even simpler than making a cup of drip coffee. You start by steeping medium to course ground coffee in room temperature water for 24 hours. Then you filter out the coffee grounds from the water by pouring the coffee through a filter (thin, lint free cloth) that is resting in a sieve over a larger container to catch the filtered coffee.

Kick your feet up and enjoy a glass of Easy Iced Cold Brew Coffee!!

I always have a big container of Easy Iced Cold Brew Coffee on hand!

Easy Iced Cold Brew Coffee

Oma Darling
Easy Iced Cold Brew Coffee is simple, Ground coffee, water and time is all it takes to make the best tasting Cold Brew Iced Coffee. Add your favorite flavors or cream for a perfect glass of Iced Coffee.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Cold brewing for 24 hours 1 day
Total Time 1 day 10 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine American


  • 12 ounces med-course ground coffee
  • 8 quarts room temp water
  • 8 quart plastic container with lid
  • 1 thin, cloth, filter
  • 1 sieve or wire strainer (holds thin cloth filter) over container while filtering


  • Pour ground coffee into the 8 quart container.  Fill with room temp to cold water.
  • Give the water and coffee grounds a stir and then place lid on container. Let sit on counter top for 24 hours.
  • Place filter into sieve to help hold it over a large container or pitcher . Pour the coffee through the filter and let it drain.  DONE!!
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The other thing that makes Easy Iced Cold Brew Coffee an awesome idea, is if you make it at home you can doctor it up however you please. I like it with heavy cream, unsweetened and Craig likes it with heavy cream and organic maple syrup. Some prefer chocolate syrup and milk or just black over ice. If you are avoiding dairy, you can add coconut milk, almond or cashew milk and whatever sweetener you please. Make it to please your own tastes. Enjoy friends!

What is your favorite way to enjoy Easy Cold Brew Iced Coffee?


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7 thoughts on “Easy Iced Cold Brew Coffee”

  1. We are huge French press strong coffee – coffee drinkers … snobs really that we take our press everywhere we go ! Of course it’s so hot a lot of the time here in Africa so I need to give this a try – I love the spicy cowgirl recipe too

    • This Iced Cold Brew Coffee is a MUST! I make it just about every 10 days. When it is cold I love French Press too! We sound like kindred spirits! I ALWAYS have an 8 quart container in the fridge of this iced coffee, because all of my whole family drinks it.


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