Basic Instant Pot Artichokes

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I remember when I was a kid, my best girlfriend and I would eat dinner at each other’s houses pretty regularly. Her family originated from East India and I was a typical kid born in the “OC” of Southern California. My mom is a great cook and made something different for dinner every night. One night, while my friend was over, mom made fresh artichokes. I still laugh when I picture her face looking at this HUGE thistle-like thing, sitting on her plate and saying very slowly, “What is that?”

Basic Instant Pot Artichokes are tender and ready in minutes. This makes for a quick and easy addition to your weeknight meal!

It used to be that cooking whole, fresh, artichokes took quite a long time. We either had to boil them in several inches of water and hope we didn’t walk away, forgetting them and letting the water burn out of the pot. Or we steamed them for an equally long period of time. Cooking them, however long, was always worth it though. Artichokes are delicious! Basic Instant Pot Artichokes are truly a game changer, because now they are ready so quickly!

This odd looking vegetable has an earthy flavor, with tough leaves that have a sharp, sticker-like tip. Some people cut this off so they don’t poke themselves (okay, chefs cut this off because it looks prettier), but most leave it on and avoid touching that part. No big deal really. In the very center of the artichoke is something that is actually called “the choke.” This “choke” is the hairy looking, thistle-like part of the whole vegetable and this choke sits atop the heart.

Basic Instant Pot Artichokes are fun to eat. You get to eat them with your hands and dip them into something savory and delicious!

When cooked until soft and tender, the whole artichoke is edible (except the small area that is the choke) when you cook it until it is soft and tender. The leaves are eaten by pulling them from the artichoke and scraping off the soft, tender meat from about halfway up the leaf, all the way off with your teeth. When you have eaten enough leaves, the inner leaves become very small and paper thin. Pull these small leaves off and discard them and you will see the center. The “choke” is cut off the heart and tossed in the trash and then the heart is savored. It is the jewel of the artichoke.

Basic Instant Pot Artichokes

Basic Instant Pot Artichokes are tender and ready in minutes. This makes for a quick and easy addition to your weeknight meal!
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 16 minutes
Course Appetizer, Gluten Free, Low Carb, Side Dish
Cuisine American


  • Instant Pot


  • 1-2 medium fresh artichokes
  • 1-1/2 cups water


  • Remove the smaller outer leaves from the artichokes and discard. Clean them by placing the artichokes under running water. Slightly spread the leaves and allow the water to run into the leaves and then turn them over to drain.
  • Place rack into the bottom of the Instant Pot and pour the water into the bottom.
  • Place the artichokes stem side down if you can, into the instant pot. Close the lid and close the steam release valve.
  • Push the Pressure Cook/Manual Button and set for 14 minutes. Smaller artichokes you would cook for 10-12 minutes, medium artichokes 12-14 minutes and very large artichokes 14-19 minutes.
  • When the cooking cycle is done, carefully turn the quick release valve to let off the steam/pressure.
  • You will know they are done when a small knife is easily inserted into the bottom or you can easily remove the leaves, with a gentle tug from the top of the leaf.


***Make these even better by dipping the meaty end of the artichoke leaf into melted butter, garlic butter or mayo mixed with lemon and herbs before scraping them across your teeth*** 
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When you put Basic Instant Pot Artichokes on the menu, you want to make sure you know what to look for. When you are picking out an artichoke from the grocery store or farmers market, pick those that are heavy and tightly packed. Not only are these delicious, but they are full of folic acid, Vitamin K and Vitamin C and tons of minerals. Give this crazy looking vegetable a try and I bet you will have a new favorite food! Enjoy friends!

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